Why join the navy

if you can be a pirate?

Steve Jobs (a man who made a dent in the universe)


So you want to know more about me...

If you have reached this point, maybe you still have some questions about this Raul Rios character. Here you can find more information about me:

Academic Education

  • Degree in Computer Science, University of Extremadura, Spain. Graduated in 1998 with honors.

Certifications & Courses

All these years I've been busy learning... just check my board.


  • Server-side programming: Java, C, C++
  • Front-end programming: HTML, CSS, Wordpress themes
  • Desktop app programming: Java, Swing
  • 3D Graphics: Java3D, OpenGL
  • Tools: Eclipse, JUnit, Ant, CVS, Subversion, Chrome Developer Tools
  • Databases: Oracle, SQL
  • OS: Solaris, Windows
  • Object-oriented analysis and design.
  • Design Patterns.

Continuous Learning

Some of my favorite sources to stay up-to-date:


  • Project management & Teamwork. Check my profile for more info about this.
  • Communication. In my years of experience, I have dealt with users, programmers, managers, clients and many different personality types. I have learned to switch my listening and speaking style depending on the audience. This empathy also comes into play when I have to write javadoc and user manuals, project scope statements or high-level reports.
  • Presentations. I always enjoy creative work. And don't worry, I don't use Comic Sans or stupid stock photos of smiling people, which don't have anything to do with the ideas you are trying to spread.
  • Teaching. When you master something, one of the most satisfactory things you can do is to teach others. In 1999, I got a Teaching Certificate from the University of Extremadura. Professionally I have trained different development teams, including a diverse international team in Sofia (Bulgaria).


  • Spanish: native speaker.
  • English: 835/990 in the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication).

Things I like...

Sometimes I go away from a computer for a while (yes, that place exist!). These are some of the things I like...



  • Science documentaries. If you haven't seen Brian Coxx's Wonders of the Universe, Solar System and Life, you should. I really envy Brian traveling all around the world while explaining science in such an understandable and simple way.
  • TED Talks, ideas worth spreading. They are always interesting and some of them are really inspiring.
  • TV Shows. Homeland, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones... to enjoy at the end of the day.