"What you do is what matters,

not what you think or say or plan”

Jason Fried, 37signals

Software engineer

Me, the software engineer

I've been working as a software engineer since 1999, developing a variety of skills. If you want to call me expert in something, it would be a Java expert.

To be honest, I've actually been programming since I was eleven. One day, dad brought home an Amstrad CPC 6128 computer, and that's where it all started: Basic, Dr. Logo and computer graphics. Later, in high school, I started developing my own video games just for the sake of it.

After that, I got my Computer Science Degree, where besides learning things like algorithmics and OOP, I worked with many different programming languages like Pascal, C, Prolog, LISP, Gofer and Delphi.

I really enjoy programming. Let's say you win the lottery today. Tomorrow you wake up and would like to spend your day coding... That's me!! (OK, you're right, I would take a few weeks to travel and all that, but you get the point).

My work

Project manager

Me, the project manager

Everything you do in life can be considered a project, since making your grocery list to planning your next holidays (...planning my wedding, now that was a project!).

Time, scope, resources... project management is very much about planning everything (and don't forget that planning is guessing), but most importantly: it's all about common sense and communication.

I've been managing software projects since 2006 and got a PMP certification in 2010. This has given me an opportunity for dealing not only with programmers but also with clients, managers and final users, and so expanding my perspective about software development.

I undertand the importance of project managers but what I really like is to be hands on (i.e. coding), so you could say that managing projects is not what I'm most passionate about.

My projects

(Amateur) Designer

Me, the amateur designer

User interfaces, web sites, illustrations, creative projects... all these things really call my attention.

Take a look at this 404 page at the Mint site... isn't it wonderful?.

While I'm not a designer, I still have an eye for details and simplicity, and I really enjoy working with color schemes, typography, textures and imagery. My design process is basic: research, sketches, wireframing and aesthetics. I avoid Photoshop and jump directly into HTML and CSS.

I've learned all of my basic HTML, CSS and design principles reading Sitepoint books and browsing web sites like the often recommended A List Apart.

As an amateur designer I've just done some side projects like this personal site, but all these design principles that I've learned have become very heplful at work when designing user interfaces for applications.

My designs